Colors to the rescue

The OLOfusion learning method is effective as it allows children to answer this simple question: what time will it be in 15 minutes?

The youngster looks at the wall clock and identifies the hours and the minutes, which are very distinct, as they are color-coded.

It validates that the small red number of hours around the perimeter is indeed the 11 or 12.

Then, he uses the learning dial and adjusts the removable hands to show the time in 15 minutes. When in doubt, the educator can easily tell the learner whether to move the red needle or blue. The youngster then easily integrates the color code, he sees it and he touches it! He understands very concretely that by moving the needle blueof the minutes in leaps of 5, the time will elapse from 11 h 50 to 11 h 55, and then at 12 h 00. At 12 h 00, he will also need to move the red needle, as we will have passed the hour hour.

Finally move the blue needle again to reach 12 h 05. This is how 15 minutes will have passed between 11 h 50 and 12 h 05! The child can then compare the learning dial and the wall clock, to integrate what 15 minutes actually represent. Oops, that goes by fast 15 minutes when you’re having fun!

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