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OLOfusion is your best friend when it comes to learn to read the time! Our mission is to offer educational, inclusives and fun ways in order to optimize the learning of mathematics.

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Learning clock dial

What time is it?

The color code and efficient designs of the OLOfusion clocks, help children learn quickly the concept of time!

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The Delicious

The Delicious

For all the kids with slow learning skills

The Wise

The Wise

For the traditional school learning

The Colorful

The Colorful

To switch between the two models

Learning to read the time while having fun: that’s OLOfusion’s mission!

  1. “It’s a game?”Our app is full of games and exercises that will make it easier to understand while maximizing the fun with each new step!
  2. “I love the characters!”There is something for everyone with funny, colorful and customizable avatars and cute rewards that can be exchanged for amazing accessories!
  3. “Wait give me a second…”All aspects of the app are based on a pressure-free system allowing players to go at their own pace.
  4. “More surprises?”Browse through the other equally fun sections of the app: a tailor-made dial, a simple and effective diary for learning to use the time on a daily basis, an entertaining game to have fun between lessons and much more!


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OLOfusion’s goal is to help in any way we can to make learning time easy, simple and fun for children. Who says having fun isn’t also a great way to learn?

Our membership is for you if you want to receive monthly tools, tips, learning videos and physical products that can help you better teach time in the classroom or at home.

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OLOfusion clocks to the rescue!

OLOfusion, with their adapted and fun clocks, makes learning about time and certain time concepts more accessible to children and guides parents and caregivers on how to get there.

Katherine Leclair, cliniqueorpair.com

Katherine Leclair, cliniqueorpair.com

Orthopedagogue and President

He already loves handling the hands and playing with HIS clock.

As soon as the clock arrives, my paputu captivated and intrigued. We also took the opportunity to talk about numbers, count together, see where the time is displayed in our house and in what form. Hours and hours of fun 🕰💕.

Stéphanie Richard, @maman_prof_et_ses_livres

Stéphanie Richard, @maman_prof_et_ses_livres

Special education teacher (presco / 1st cycle) and mother

I love OLOfusion clocks, ALL the minutes are indicated!

Learning the time is also learning the basics of multiplication and also ... fractions! In short, I recommend OLOfusion to all children at home! It's really worth the effort!

Pascale Clavel, @unautrebloguedemaman

Pascale Clavel, @unautrebloguedemaman

Teacher and mother

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